Marine Aquariums

97.5% of water volume found on Earth is said to be saltwater in the form of oceans & seas. This water holds countless organisms & millions of fish species, some yet to be discovered.

While these organism usually live in the depths of ocean, which cannot be accessed without expensive diving gear & months of special training. In that case, how do you cherish the mesmerising beauty of saltwater fishes? by installing a saltwater aquarium in your space.

Saltwater Aquariums are a work of art, when done right. What is the right way to do it? Firstly, dive deep into the sea & find the desired fish species, carefully collect it in a way that does not harm it. Then, bring it ashore, put it in a container with seawater, sort the fishes, cure them if they are sick, do months of a tough & rigorous job.

These fishes are then sent to the client’s & put in a system designed to replicate the conditions of the ocean. Sounds overwhelming enough? Cause it is, that is why saltwater aquariums are considered a big deal.

Great for you

Blue Life Aquatic Habitat manufactures world class saltwater aquariums in India. From livestock procurement to aquascape design & installation of the aquarium set-up, we do it completely. Here’s a list of different types of saltwater aquariums we offer:

Community Saltwater Tank

Coral Reef Tank

Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR) Tank

Nano Reef Tank

Customized Saltwater Tank