Koi Ponds

Backyards are probably the most unloved spaces of a home in India. They are usually used to either store junk or things that are not used frequently. What if we were to convert your backyard space into a 5-star koi lounge with proper landscape design & zen practices.

Not only would it make use of your neglected space, but also impress your guests. The luxurious view of vibrant & magnificent Japanese Koi fishes with jaw-dropping rockscape is a delightful sight after a stressful day.

We Design Build Maintain Koi Ponds

Great for you

If you’re seeking to re-invent your backyard area. Koi Ponds can also beautify the entrance to your mansion, villa & bungalow. By building a bridge over the koi pond, you can convert normal entrance into a dreamlike arrival.

You can choose from our vast catalogue of the Japanese Koi fishes we offer in India. These are imported from the Land of Rising Sun, Japan itself & sent straight to the client’s.