Glass Aquariums in India

When it comes to popular material choices for your aquarium habitat, you may find that Glass comes off as a worthy competitor to Acrylic. Being in this industry for several decades, Glass has proven to withstand various water-related conditions, & is considered safe for indoor environment & for fishes.

We manufacture customised Glass aquariums / tanks in India. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality products available in the market, hence, we offer glass tanks made with extra clear, toughened & ultra clear options for best visibility & strength.

Glass tank size & designs

There are many ready-made brands currently offering nano, medium & large sized glass tanks. However, for an elite glass aquarium experience made to fit in your home interior, you need a custom made glass tank. Blue Life Aquatic Habitat offers custom made glass tanks designed & commissioned to meet your design standards. Contact us to work on a custom project.

Scratch on Glass Aquariums

You’ve probably heard of it, “Glass Aquariums get easily scratched.” Yes, it is true. However, they are not as easily scratched as an acrylic aquarium. But, once a scratch is laid on the glass, it is impossible to remove it. Whereas, scratches from an acrylic surface are repairable using certain techniques.

Glass Vs. Acrylic ?

Glass is has considerable strength when it comes to aquariums. Extra clear glass offers close to 88-91% light transmittance. However, for larger sized aquariums, it is safer to opt for an acrylic aquarium. Not only does it save you from accidents but allows ability to remove scratches off of a costly tank. Read more.

Great for you

Glass Aquariums can be a great choice for you, especially if you’re a beginner in the hobby or want to own an aquarium under 150 Gallons (~560Ltr.). It is also preferable to choose a glass aquarium if you’re looking for a moderate budget purchase. Many pros will prefer glass aquariums over acrylic due to its premium feel.