Freshwater Aquariums

Nothing beats the view of fascinating lush green mountains, covered in vivid plants & interestingly shaped trees. Just the thought of it soothes the mind & the soul. You can already feel all your stress going away as you dwell deeper into the scenery.

BLAH feels excited to inform you, that you can bring such a scenic mountain view right into your living room or your bedroom today. With our carefully designed freshwater aquariums, you can add a touch of nature in your interior space.

Great for you

If you’re a beginner in the aquarium hobby, we recommend you to pursue a Fish-Only Freshwater Aquarium. For an experienced hobbyist, we propose a hi-tech planted aquarium complete with automation & remote access. If you’re just a nature lover, with no intention of maintaining the tank yourself, you can let us build the right aquarium & also keep maintaining it for you.

Types of Freshwater Aquariums

Planted Aquarium

Semi Aggressive Community Tank

Cichlid Aquarium

Discus Aquarium

Large Oddball Community Tank

Brackish Water Aquarium