Acrylic Aquariums

In the past 10 years, Acrylic has grown quite popular in the aquarium industry. There are several reason that have made it one of the top choices for commercial & large aquarium projects. Some of them being superior clarity, large size options, thermal resistance, UV resistance, strong joints, & much more.

Blue Life Aquatic Habitat offers customised acrylic aquariums in India. We use industry’s best acrylic raw material to craft our cutting edge, diamond clean aquariums. You can let us know the size of the aquarium you desire, & we can build it just for you right here in India. We also take up maintenance for your acrylic tank so you don’t have to worry about scratches.

Strength & Clarity

Acrylic offers a tensile strength rating of 64.8 MPa – 83.4 MPa; compared to Glass’s 27 MPa – 62 MPa. This shows how significantly strong acrylic is when compared to glass. Strength is the prime reason why many aquarists are migrating to acrylic for their large aquarium projects. Similarly, acrylic’s clarity is slightly higher than that of Glass’s. Light transmittance rating of acrylic (plexiglass – cast acrylic) is around 91.8 – 93% approximately.

Temperature Resistance

One of many reasons why acrylic must be the choice for your next aquarium is thermal insulation that acrylic offers. Fishes are sensitive to temperature & constant fluctuations can make them sick, even kill them in some cases. However, acrylic aquariums help you maintain the optimum temperature as outside temperature can’t affect the acrylic.


Acrylic scratches can be repaired using our proprietary polishing & rubbing methods. These will make your old acrylic aquarium look brand new, any day. To seek our acrylic restoration services, Contact us now.

Great for you

If you’re looking to build an aquarium with a volume of more than 150 Gallons (568 Litres).

You can also choose acrylic tank if pricing is not a concern for you. However, for larger sized aquariums, acrylic is actually a cheaper option compared to glass.